Old Forester

Bourbon History lessons have to start with Old Forester.  Old Forester is the ONLY Bourbon continually distilled by the same family before, during and after prohibition.

Introduced in 1870 by George Garvin Brown as America’s first Bourbon to be sold in sealed glass bottles to ensure quality.  Bottled at 90 proof Brown’s Original Batch process took barrels from three different distilleries to create a consistent flavor.  1897 brought about the U.S. Bottled in Bond Act which required bottles to be 100 proof and sealed.

Prohibition began in 1920 with many distilleries closing.  The company now known as Brown-Forman applied for and was granted a federal license to continuing producing Old Forester for “medicinal” purposes.  Prohibition was repealed in 1933 and naturally the production of Old Forester was increased.

In 1946, Brown-Forman purchased Bluegrass Cooperage which is now known as Brown-Forman Cooperage to make the Old Forester whisky barrels.  Today Brown-Forman Cooperage is the only cooperage owned by a major distiller.

Beginning in 2002 Old Forester Birthday Bourbon is released on September 2 to honor the birthday of George Brown.

Come in and experience the many bottlings of Old Forester The Original 1870 recipe, 1897 Bottled in Bond, Signature, Classic and 2015 Birthday Bourbon.

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